Letter in support of Item 90 on the June 26, 2014 Austin City Council Agenda

Dear Mayor Leffingwell, Mayor Pro Tem Cole and Council Members Riley, Morrison, Tovo, Spelman and Martinez;

On behalf of the North Central Neighborhood Coalition 2 (NCINC2), I am writing in support of Item 90 on the June 26, 2014 agenda.  NCINC2 is composed of representatives from participating neighborhoods east and west of I-35 in North-Central Austin including Blackland, Cherrywood, Delwood II, Eastwoods, Hancock, Mueller, Ridgetop, Rogers Washington/Holy Cross, Schieffer-Willowbrook, Wilshire Wood/ Delwood I and Windsor Park.

Segment 4 of I-35 is one of the most constrained roadways in Texas and the engineering challenges there are difficult.  How those challenges are solved will have direct impacts on a wide variety of neighborhoods, businesses and institutions.  From the outset, our coalition identified the need for a true stakeholders working group in order to reach a plan supportable by a consensus through this vital area of Austin.  Such a working group should, at a minimum, include representatives from TxDOT, the City of Austin, the major institutions, organizations and businesses that abut I-35 as well as representatives from the neighborhoods in this segment.

We look forward to working with TxDOT, the City of Austin, Travis County, the University of Texas, the hospitals and other important stakeholders in Segment 4 towards finding creative solutions to the many challenges as well as exploring the opportunities to re-stitch our communities through the re-working of I-35.


Mateo Barnstone, Chair of NCINC2