NCINC2 Resolution calls for long-range vision plan for IH35 Upper Decks

NCINC2 delegates approved this week a Resolution Supporting a Long-Range Vision for IH35 without Upper Decks.  This Resolution comes in response to the latest TxDOT plans unveiled in June that call for the addition of auxiliary lanes to the existing Upper Decks.  NCINC2 delegates first expressed concern over the TxDOT plans for the Upper Decks, particularly as this plan came as a surprise after years of TxDOT insisting that the Upper Decks could not structurally accommodate additional lanes of travel.

Following this Resolution, which was crafted with broad input from Member Neighborhoods, NCINC2 has reached out to City Council with a plea that the City of Austin take a more proactive leadership role in TxDOT’s Mobility35 Plans, beginning with a City Resolution supporting NCINC2’s call for a City-led, funded independent study and plan that includes an analysis of the social, environmental and economic benefits to the City that might be derived by their removal.

We hope to engage with our leaders in Districts 1, 4 and 9 and well as the Office of the Mayor to let them know that TxDOT’s plans to deal with Austin’s congestion are not the only ideas available, and we look forward to working together with our representatives soon!

For more on our advocacy, please visit our Advocacy page here.