Our Advocacy

We support a Long-Range Vision for the Upper Decks:

We support a City-led, independent long-range vision plan for the IH35 Upper Decks through North Central Austin that seriously assesses their removal, and we oppose the current TxDOT plans to add auxiliary lanes to the Upper Decks in the absence of such a plan.
NCINC2 Resolution Supporting a Long-Range Vision for IH35 Without Upper Decks
NCINC2 Letter to City Council [1 December 2015]

We Oppose Superstreets:

We oppose “superstreets” and any design proposals that will limit east-west connectivity and local mobility and we request from TxDOT the opportunity to review specific proposals for how the intersections with the frontage road will operate, including specifications about all movements allowed or restricted.

We Support Bicycle and Pedestrian improvements:

We believe that redesigned bridges, intersections and right-of-ways should provide real improvements in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, such as protected cycle tracks, generously wide sidewalks and ample shade, and not preclude the accommodation of rail in the corridor.

We Support Access to Neighborhoods:

We hold that it is critical that TxDOT keep entrances and exits to and from the main lanes on both ends of this stretch at Airport Boulevard and MLK Jr. Boulevard/15th Street in order to maintain and improve access and mobility to our neighborhoods.

We Do Not Support all “Innovative” Intersections:

We are concerned that pedestrians and bicycles will not find the proposed Diverging Diamond Interchange at Airport Boulevard a friendly intersection to negotiate and request that TxDOT continue to engage NCINC2 and neighbors as essential stakeholders in the design of this intersection.

We Support Recognizing Context and City Goals:

We contend that all programs of the Mobility35 Plans must be context sensitive and appropriate to the urban fabric of Central Austin, consistent with the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan, and consider the future impacts on the significant projects adjacent to this segment of IH35.

We Support Exploring Alternate Routes and Modes:

We believe efforts to improve traffic flow on I-35 cannot be successful without also engaging alternate routes, strategies and all modes of transportation and we call on TxDOT to seek alternative solutions for the I-35 corridor, including alternative modes of transit, the designation of right-of-way for future commuter rail, improving the functioning of SH-130 as a preferred arterial route for non-local freight and through-traffic, improving US-183/US-71 as a viable alternative route for local traffic and designating alternative HAZMAT routes.

We Support Light Rail:

We ask that TxDOT consider light rail and commuter rail along and across the IH35 corridor and to more clearly address how the agency is working with—and not counter to—future local and regional rail and rapid transit visions.

We Support Human and Natural Health:

We ask that TxDOT undertake stringent Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) for all Mobility35 Plans and explore methods by which to mitigate the negative environmental air and water quality and noise impacts, as well as economic and social factores, of IH35 on the health and well-being of residents in adjacent neighborhoods in accordance with the TCEQ Austin Area Early Action Compact for the Control of Ozone Air Pollution and the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) process.

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