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The North Central I-35 Neighborhood Coalition 2 (NCINC2) includes representatives from eleven Member Neighborhoods on both sides of IH35 through Central Austin, including the BlacklandCherrywood, Delwood II, Eastwoods, Hancock, Holy Cross, MuellerSchieffer-WillowbrookWilshire Wood/Delwood IRidgetop and Windsor Park Neighborhood Associations.

NCINC2 has been recognized as a stakeholder group in TxDOT’s Mobility35 Plans through Central Austin by City Council Resolution 20140626-090, and NCINC2 and the City have repeatedly asked for TxDOT to convene a true stakeholder’s working group to discuss the various solutions that might be explored in this segment of the Mobility 35 Plan.

Although TxDOT has held several North Central Working Group meetings and has met at least once with NCINC2 membership, to date TxDOT has not formally convened a Segment 4 stakeholder group.

This is not the first time neighborhoods in this area of formed a coalition in response to TxDOT proposals. In fact, the name we’ve adopted, NCINC2, is a reference to a coalition of east side Neighborhood Associations called NCINC that formed in 2001 around neighborhood concerns raised by a very similar proposal by TxDOT.

Today, we continue this advocacy for east-west connectivity, alternate modes and routes of transportation, new ideas and new thinking about our City’s mobility future.

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The North Central I-35 Neighborhood Coalition 2