Give Input on Mobility35 Aesthetics Survey

This week TxDOT released a short survey for residents to provide input into how they use IH35 and how the Mobility35 improvements can best characterize Austin.  The survey was produced in part by the Aesthetics Working Group and is available here.

NCINC2 is concerned about this exercise taking on a superficial nature, but also looks at an opportunity to have direct input in Mobility35 and to use these sessions to push performative improvements like wayfinding, connectivity, street trees and green infrastracture instead of “themes”.  We are optimistic that this stakeholder group, which includes BikeAustin, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Councils, Reconnect Austin and others focused on improving lives and mobility for Austinites and modes beyond cars, will use this opportunity to its greatest potential.

More on the survey from TxDOT:

As part of the Mobility35 program, TxDOT and its partners have been working to improve not only the technical aspects of I-35, but the visual ones, as well. Mobility35 is in the process of developing guidelines for aesthetic treatments from Rundberg Lane to Woodland Avenue and needs your help! Please complete a short survey here: This survey is only the first step in the process and will help guide the effort.
Aesthetics is a small but important part of building infrastructure. The last major improvement to I-35 in this area was in 1974, so what we build today could influence the look and feel of this corridor for decades to come. The visual elements that could be influenced include things like hardscape, landscape, retaining walls, lighting, railings, etc. TxDOT wants to design these structures to be as visually pleasing as possible, while prioritizing safety and mobility for all users.
For those who are interested in learning more about this aesthetics effort, please look here: For more information about the Mobility35 program to improve safety and mobility on I-35, please look here: From this site, you can review all of the projects being planned or underway for I-35 in Williamson, Travis, and Hays counties. You can also provide comments to TxDOT directly at this site.