NCINC2 Supports Scenic Austin Opposition to Digital Billboards

At its April meeting, NCINC2 heard a presentation on Scenic Austin’s campaign against the introduction of digital billboards to Austin.  NCINC2 has voted to support the Scenic Austin position, delivering the following letter to City Council and staff:

Dear Mayor and Councilmembers,

It is my pleasure to write on behalf of the North Central I-35 Neighborhood Coalition 2 (NCINC2) to share our full support for Scenic Austin and to join them in opposing the introduction of digital billboards that is currently under consideration by City staff.

NCINC2 is an organization of eleven North Central Neighborhood Associations who have joined together to act as a stakeholder in the TxDOT Mobility35 Plans and advocate for the interests of the City and its neighborhoods.  Digital billboards along the IH35 corridor will exacerbate the already negative effects of billboards in Austin, including distracting drivers and levying adverse economic and quality of life effects upon neighboring properties.

We ask City Council and staff to unequivocally reject bringing digital billboards to Austin and stand behind Scenic Austin’s position and efforts in this matter.