Windsor Park Resolution re Capital Area Improvement Program

Resolution in Opposition to the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) Capital Area Improvement Program (CAIP) and August 2013 Corridor Implementation Plan (CIP) for Central Austin Corridor between MLK and US Highway 183 N.

Whereas, the Windsor Park Neighborhood Plan, Imagine Austin and other citizen-led initiatives have long called for improvements in east-west connections at I-35; and

Whereas, the CIP considered the closure to vehicular traffic on four bridges and/or underpasses that provide current east-west access across I-35 in this corridor; and

Whereas, The Austin District of TXDOT’s CAIP/CIP proposes increased vehicular traffic on I-35 frontage roads between MLK and St. Johns Avenue; and

Whereas, these closures will increase the length of east/west vehicle routes, significantly reduce east/west connectivity in the corridor, and perpetuate prejudice in the City of Austin; and

Whereas, the CIP design fails in many regards;

Now Therefore be it Resolved that the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association opposes the CIP concept of decreasing east-west connectivity, and urges TXDOT, the City of Austin, Travis County and elected State & Federal officials to seek more effective means to improve east-west connectivity and to increase movement of goods and people through the corridor, including hiring reputable and innovative transportation and design consultants for alternatives that better meet the transportation needs of central Austin residents.

Passed unanimously at the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association meeting of April 12, 2014.

Download PDF here.